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1st Hellenic - Chinese Congress on Health

From Hippocratic & Traditional Chinese Medicine towards Medical & Pharmaceutical Technologies

11- 14 May, 2017 - Athens, Greece

The incentive for organizing the Health Congress is to bridge the Hippocratic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – theory, practices and approaches- with the present achievements and research findings as well as, to foresee and steer the future advances of Medicine, Bio-Medicine and Bio-Technologies in a unified concept and idea where the past enlightens the future.

This concept allows for a deep understanding and respect of the roots and values of traditional practices and their relation to the present scientific findings in the effort to prevent treat and heal illness. Physical and mental illness in Hippocratic and Traditional Chinese Medicine is examined in relation to social and natural environment and all treatment is based on Nature and its products and elements, which are considered inseparable from any living organism. The notion “Physsis noson iatros” (Nature is the healer of illness) is under investigation by using high technological and advanced techniques and procedures in order to reveal the magnificent way by which Nature prevails in health and wellness.


Κωνσταντίνος Κουσκούκης

Καθηγητής Δερματολογίας - Νομικός
τ. Αντιπρύτανης ΔΠΘ - Γεν. Γραμ. Υπουργείου Παιδείας
κιν: 6944307423, fax: 210 6536907
e-mail: konkouskoukis@gmail.com